After supervising the construction of the HGTV L.E.E.D. Gold Certified Green Home Sweepstakes Giveaway house near Hilton Head, SC last year we have expanded our services to include remodeling and design consultation as well as new home construction. We can make recommendations from foundation to roof that will fit your site , design options, needs and budget. Call Sam or Leslie Dack at 803-641-6778 or 803-617-9565 to get started on your green dream!

Click here to our construction photos of the Jasper House, HGTV's 2008 Green Home Giveaway!

We were recently tasked with renovating a 1939 farm house with energy-efficient features and technology. Click here to check it out.





Just what is a “green” home anyway?

It’s any home that uses less energy and fewer harmful materials than the homes of the past.  It’s any home that lowers the environmental impact of construction. It’s any home with less maintenance cost.  It’s any home that gives its people a more comfortable and more healthy place to live.

Sounds nice, but what if I don’t want to live in a dome, a yurt, or a cave?

You don’t have to.  Our techniques and products will “green” a home of any style or design.  You can have the handsome home you’ve always wanted while lowering your utility bills and boosting the marketability of your investment.

This is going to be expensive, isn’t it?

No, it’s not.  Fully 75% of the benefits of green building can be done with a cost increase of 10% or less.  Many features can be employed with no cost increase at all.  And, since we’re talking about utility bills at less than half of the residential average, the payback time on any added cost is very short indeed – and even shorter after the tax incentives which are available to owners of such homes.

Why Eco Design Homes?

Knowledge.  We’ve been studying and using these techniques for over 30 years.  We keep up on all the new innovations and products that pop up every day. We know what works and what doesn’t, what’s essential and what’s optional, what’s cost-effective and what’s not.

Flexibility.  We listen to what you want, and can call on a lifetime of experience with home construction and design to help make it a reality.  We work with specialists in each phase of construction who show professionalism and enthusiasm for better ways to build.Call us to see our demonstration home , newly built in Aiken, to see what we mean.

Quality. We personally supervise every detail, from solid foundation to beautiful trim & finish work, to ensure that your home is something to be proud of.  With us, beauty is more than skin deep:  Behind the custom cabinetry will be a superior wall system, and you’ll want to brag about both.

Independent Verification.   We subscribe to the Earthcraft and Energy Star programs. Each home we build is inspected and rated according to their exacting standards.  For more information go to www.earthcrafthouse.com and www.energystar.gov.

Confidence.  We offer warranty programs with each of our homes.  Talk to us about the latest details and options.

Commitment.  We believe in this.  “Green” building with real substance behind it is not only of immediate benefit to the homeowner, it will be essential to our future and our children’s future.  We were green before it was cool – and we always will be.


We start by listening to you.  The home has to be what you want:  Your style, your look, your features, your feel.

Next we analyze your site, and help you find a plan (we have thousands) to fit it.  We help you take full advantage of views, land utilization, passive solar applications, and wind orientation.

Then we “green” the house itself.  This involves every component of the home, from the foundation to the roof.  With the techniques and products we employ, your home will dramatically lower its utility bills, significantly reduce its environmental impact, and sharply reduce its long-term maintenance costs.

We will take you through all of the options, and help you select those which fit the design, the site, your needs, and your budget.

We look forward to meeting you, and to helping make your dream home a reality.

Contact Sam or Leslie Dack:

803.617.9565 cell

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